Vow to love

We’ll lie until the clock strikes four The only view, each other’s eyes In silence, Stillness in the mind – No thoughts, No wishes, Nothing more Than this Sweet bliss; Our souls collide, Hearts open, We will soar, Alive. Apart, We’ll skip the streets With light, light feet; A Readybrek glow That all will know. … Continue reading Vow to love

Befriend your collaborators or collaborate with your friends

Have you ever had a collaborative project go wrong, because collaboration didn’t really happen? That was my week. Despite everyone spending huge amounts of energy, we all pulled in different directions. So by the end of the project, we were all exhausted. In evaluation, we had very different points of view. Some of us felt … Continue reading Befriend your collaborators or collaborate with your friends


Desire, sit with me awhile And do not tell your stories. Let me behold Your thick, red hair, Your blazing eyes; Let me look deep into you And be moved, But not to act. Desire, sit in silence here And put away your sword. I wish you for my ally, Not my foe, My queen, … Continue reading Desire